About a month or two ago I opened my computer. First message that popped up:

Restart Chrome to update

Yeah! An update to Chrome, those guys are awesome!

OK, Chrome restarted and low and behold, my new tab page is missing the 'Other devices' section. I love that thing!

This is a killer feature that lets me open pages in tabs on my phone, iPad, or elsewhere and get to them from my desktop (or vica verca).

What's a man to do? Google it! A fix!

And all was good! Until this week. Version 33 of Chrome released this week, got rid of the chrome flag that fixed this issue.

So today I went to Twitter to find the solution, and here it is:

So there you go. On your desktop version of chrome, look for the hamburger (see image below) and tabs on other devices are listed under 'Recent tabs'

Meet The Hamburger

[UPDATE #1] Even better! Check out this page in Chrome: chrome://history/

It was also updated to have tab info from other devices. Awesome.