For as long as I can remember (or maybe just since 1995) I have worked hard to constantly challenge myself. Whether it was running, rowing, physics, chaos theory (fun to learn in high school!), a PhD, I maintained that working hard, stepping outside my comfort zone, would pay off and lead to good, maybe even better things. (luck = hard work hypothesis, google it).

I have always told myself:

"Always live on the edge of comfortability"

(Mind you I’m I was a physicist, not a writer :)

A little over a year ago I joined a great team, which is now Shelby.TV, as an engineer. I joined a team of 3 founders as employee #1, maybe a little smaller of a startup than I was looking for but…

What it came down to was that I believed in what the team was building and it turned out that we all got along great (I even told my wife that these guys were like long lost college buddies) and my time with The Company, we have built some really cool shit!

But I digress… Building Shelby.TV from the ground up has been a VERY challenging but a VERY rewarding experience thus far. We have big visions and a great team to start out on this endeavor. We have also benefited GREATLY from the mentorship based TechStars Program, which as a team, we all can’t speak highly enough about! In the three month proram, we accomplished what probably should have taken us 9-12 months (thank you TechStars!).

But of course, we are looking for people to join us. One of the attributes of Team Shelby that I love the most is that every member, even @internzero, is pushing themselves each and every day. As a small team we use Ruby/Rails, Javascript/Node, Redis, Mongo, Lua, and many API’s (hell we’re building our own!).

Building an API, designing for state-of-the-art browsers, organizing a video hackday, doing biz-dev’ey type things that biz-dev people do… everyone is working their asses off, pushing towards a vision. Join us.

It is unbelievably rewarding to work hard everyday knowing you are being challenged, pushed to the max!